How do we get influencers to work on a commission basis? We ran out of $ on PPC campaigns. I need an influencer expert.

It sounds really silly and dumb, but my partner and I took a shot at a really funny prank eCommerce store names (Yes, it's safe for work). We anonymously send anyone in the world a gift box with a bag of gummy shaped penises inside and a large obnoxious note. We launched a lot of paid social media campaigns on FB, Twitter, and Reddit. The customer acquisition cost eliminates all profits. So, we want to use all these hilarious social media influencers that are already posting very funny content on social media to post about our hilarious prank service and promote the website. We cannot afford pay-per-post so we we want to give the influencer a large commission off of all the sales they produce. If they had 1MM followers, they could easily make $15-$20k (based off of our current influencer marketing conversion rates). We can easily track every sale they produce. How do I get influencers on board with this? Everyone I have reached out to says they only do pay per post. Is there a platform I can reach out to a lot of them on. What about paying them per click? I can track that too.


Some of those same influencers who turned you down might have written about your service if you hadn't offered to pay them. You should have instead sent them a bag of dicks. If they're a celebrity, you can get their agent's address from (it sounds fake, but it's actually totally legit, agents actually send them info). If they don't have an agent, try to look for a 'fan mail' address that they might have posted on a video or something. If you can't get any relevant address, then look up their friends on social media instead, and offer to pay them $xxx cash to send a back of dicks to their friend, and a cut of whatever orders end up being generated by that (if the influencer ends up writing about it).

There are more techniques you can use to get influencers to post for free about it. Send me a message if you want to discuss it more, or just to say thanks if any of these ideas work (I'd actually like to know).

all the best,


Answered 8 years ago

I completely agree with Lee on this.

Answered 8 years ago

You could have easily make them write about them by sending them your product Dick lol and a personalized letter requesting them to review it for you on their blogs) .. Instead of offering payment offer the product for them to test and review , Same with you tubers ... when you end someone a gift that has its own feel ... IMo that would have been better option ..

Answered 8 years ago

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