Looking for an ideal M&A broker with strong credentials/ contacts in US and UK particularly within Top-tier travel sector for fast growing SME? Thanks

We're looking to (fully) exit for genuine personal (family) reasons despite have a fast growing multi-national business that lends itself perfectly as an extension within the consumer travel sector. We've attracted media and partnerships worldwide and are growing at a fast pace without funding. We're advised our business is ideal for a Top tier travel company and would like to find the right M&A broker to partner with to ensure plans / progress / metrics best align to enable this in 2016/17 as we continue to grow fast in the meantime. Who's the ideal broker (that's likely to deal within the $20-$50m+ market) who can best manage this? Any pointers (also / or including likely fee structure and how best to 'get out there for sale without compromising value') Very much appreciated. Thank-you!


Hi there,

I understand what you are looking for and I believe I have the right connections to assist you. I however, would like to talk to you in private about this. I have many connections around the globe in VC Firms that always look to acquire new assets such as yours.

Please message me on here with some details so I can assist you!

Kind Regards,


Answered 5 years ago

Hello there

There is not going to be a binary answer to your question. The variables of what you want to achieve, your situation (both personal & corporate) and more specifically what the market is dictating will all have a bearing on things.

I have worked on large international M&A engagements previously and also have good contacts internationally in the Airline / Travel sector.

I have quite recently worked with a FinTech organisation preparing them to take on investment for growth or acquisition. Experience I believe which would be of benefit to you in the position you describe. I can assist on the deal brokering side of things.

I'm a firm believer in adding value and look forward to being able to do so when we speak.

Answered 5 years ago

First of all congratulations on getting to where you are! I've been involved on both sides of deals and it's always an exciting time.

Start by making 100% sure that all partners are committed to the exit. You can't have a partner get cold feet midway, or try to make their own terms with a buyer behind the back of the other selling partners.

Ideal broker... tough question. I know a few good ones but that depends on a lot of factors. Where you and your target buyers are located, for example, because negotiation is face to face.

Fee structure: it's going to be a fixed fee plus success fee as a commission.

You're doing the right thing getting a broker, an experienced M&A expert will do a lot of work better than you would and get a better price probably.

Somebody in your company who has access to all data and the CEO's ear, needs to dedicate themselves to this for half a year.

I'd be happy to share tips, names, etc on the phone.

Answered 4 years ago

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