I've started a blog about the post-secondary education system ( and have no real readership yet (single digits). What are the first real steps in gaining traction?

My advice is that you find out your own selling process through your blogs. Blogs are based on content. Generally, the buying process begins with an awareness of need. Once the need is recognised the potential customer will begin the next stage, consideration, and research. The next; interest step, is an expansion on this and it is at this stage that the focus is on what is special about your brand, company and product as opposed to others. The Preference stage begins when a more active comparison between brands, often looking at value and quality, but importantly utility to them as a user/owner. The Purchase stage follows this, converting the consumer’s interest into a transaction and ownership/consumption. The final stage, loyalty, comes after the purchase. Try to pivot your blog’s content around these stages, do not deviate, because once you understand what your customers are buying, it will be easy for you in selling them.
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Answered 7 months ago

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