I've covered my development costs, and I am breaking even after just 40 days of accepting customers, but the growth is tiny and a very small piece of what it could be. With that being said, going after the market at large requires at least a couple more employees, and some PR/marketing, that I can't afford from my current revenue/pocket.

Hi! My name is Humberto, I'm consultant focused on Growth Strategy and Sales with an MBA and international clients.
You make it sound like is bad thing! Breaking even at this point is really good thing regardless of business, specially in a SaaS product. With that said, it sounds like you are doing sales cold calling yourself and negotiating and doing everything personally versus having an automated system.
What you would benefit from regardless of investment is having a plan on how you are going to get exposure, get leads, build a pipeline of potential interested clients, grow vertically and what approaches can be assumes for now to be sustainable. Once you have a set of objectives to follow you can begin crafting a strategy for marketing at different levels of expenditure. (which btw having this strategy plan can help you secure investment)

Look for someone who is willing to work on equity and minimal pay for their work on PR or to help you layout the fundamental strategies you need to fully understand your own business model (I know, you probably think you do already) but trust me your not even close and I say that with best intentions.

Answered 5 years ago

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