How can I acquire more clients as a Strategic Intervention coach certified by the Robbins-Madanes Training Centre?


So my first question is, "What the heck is that?!" Like you're a purple-and-yellow zebra-striped three-foot tall jungle bird.

I have no idea what that is, that certification. And your target market won't, not right off the bat, either. They aren't looking for a "Strategic Intervention Coach". They aren't searching for that term.

No one cares about your certification until AFTER they've realized the problem they're in...and are looking for a way out.

Find out what they *are* searching for. Get in front of them that way. Your certification is valuable, but only after you've found someone who's in the terrible situation that you know you can help them out of.

Write a Kindle book (or several) addressing the most common symptom(s) of situations that indicate a serious problem you are capable of fixing.

Make Youtube videos about the same subject(s). Drive viewers to a signup form or your book(s).

Buy clicks on search terms your target market is already using to find help from. Send them to your solutions. Talk about the symptoms of their problem first: don't jump into "I'm a Robbins-Madanes-Certified coach." They don't care yet. Do that second, not first.

Referrals. Here's where I'd put 70%+ of my sales & marketing effort. What people refer those who are in the problematic situations you fix to someone like you?

I'd imagine it's hard enough doing what you do. Why add the problems of prospecting and qualifying to that? Have people who understand what you can do send you already-qualified prospects. People ready to buy.

Don't still have to SELL.

If you'd like to go through some details on these items, and look at a few more possibilities, let's talk.

Answered 4 years ago

Your specialty is going to be a relationship-based sale, so I have two suggestions for you:

First, read the book Trusted Advisor. It will help you understand how to build gain credibility among those who would be your clients or referral partners.

Second, join a closed contact networking group like PowerCore or BNI. Once you have proved yourself and built some relationships, the members of these groups become your extended sales force.

I measured the ROI of my PowerCore networking experience at the five year mark and found that, while I had invested quite a bit of time, energy, and money... my return on that investment was 800%. That is, the business I received through those referrals (approximately one closed contract per year) paid back my investment eight times.

Answered 4 years ago

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