I'm a real estate agent, interior stylist & artist... I know, it's a lot. I have a website & a brand for my interior styling & art I sell called BMORE Chic - I'm based out of Baltimore. This website also has a blog and all social media accounts. It's still in the very early stages though. I would have time to establish it as part of my real estate career as well, but I can't decide if that's the right move! I'm really stuck here! This would be the description of my brand BMORE Chic if I decided to add real estate to the mix: A refreshing approach to meet all of your real estate needs - buying, selling, designing and even decorating your home with original works of art. So I either incorporate real estate to what I have started, or keep it completely separate. Please help! Thank you!!

Sure, why not?
Validate the need first by offering your services to other agents and if it's a hit then incorporate it into your real estate business.

Answered 5 years ago

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