Jeff McDermottReal Estate & Startup Investor/Advisor

I don't like to throw around the "E" word because I think it may have a misconstrued meaning now a days but I believe that I can honestly be described as a serial Entrepreneur.

I love to brainstorm new business ideas, validating ideas, researching the market, creating new businesses, branding, website design, creating processes and procedures and oversight/consulting/management and most of all investing!

Early stage/seed round investing in real estate and startup projects is my passion. I've been doing it ever since I left college and I learned early on in my career that I was good at a lot of things but only great at a few so I decided to focus on those skills and those skills only and they haven't let me down.

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Get it appraised then either hand on to it, start a new site to direct it to and build up the asset or just list it for sale.

My firm is always looking for freelance talent to work with our clients so if you are interested lets discuss.

As for a title, Wordpress Expert sounds pretty enticing to me.

Sure, why not?
Validate the need first by offering your services to other agents and if it's a hit then incorporate it into your real estate business.

B2B is much easier and more profitable.
The pitch to help a business grow at an affordable price is much easier than having to spend on gaining customers trust/loyalty.

Show up, 90% of the business is just showing up.

Do open houses, go to meetings, network, hand out cards...
Be present and let people know what you do and always ask for the close (a card, a phone #, a referral...) always get some sort of commitment

Depends on what the goal is? lead gen? Converting on a CTA?

Can you fill me in on why you want to utilize CPC and then I can answer more efficiently

Sure, try these guys
They work on a performance basis which is why I like working with them!

generate leads for other peoples products or services. $50 theme and hosting. $50 month on ad spend. we generate leads for these services and outsource the work to our preferred white label partners.
They do the work and we get our cut.

Customer acquisition cost is $4 and our average ROI is 30% of the project.

My firm actually is starting an idea validation as a service
just for this purpose.
It's a step up from the excitement of brainstorming and getting into the cold hard facts to see if the idea is wanted/needed in the marketplace.

Think tanks are fun but they can be pretty unfulfilling without structure.

I also have a startup lab where we do this from think tank to launch all in house and privately funded.

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