If I provide good commissions and recruit the right affiliates, would this help increase my website growth and sales?

Assuming your first two conditions are fulfilled, then yes, why not.

The problem is in the execution. Most affiliates allowed "in" under typical circumstances are useless and will do nothing. More than 90% of them. So your qualification process will have to be heavy.

You also have to make it easy for them: that means swipe files/emails, landing pages, VSLs, instructional videos and other documentation for them to a) learn how to sell your product, and b) actually DO the selling.

Don't expect them to lift a finger. Especially if you dump all the work on their collective lap. You need to spoon-feed them. Again, nearly all will do nothing if you accept requests willy-nilly. The key is finding the top 10% who will take action, and pleasing them. Easier said than done.

Remember, the affiliate doesn't really care about your product. They care about making money. And as an established affiliate, they want to see HOW they will make money with you. This means data. You need to show them numbers, even if they are conservative estimates.

Answered 7 years ago

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