If I want to do junior-level Wordpress freelance work, what title should I give myself?

I want to get into the corporate-level professional Wordpress development world and help Agencies and Developers with their smaller tasks as a freelancer. I think there are agencies who are swamped with work and need a hand. Services I want to offer are: - Setting up new sites - Adding new pages - Making security updates - Managing backups - Setting up 301 redirects - Tracking 404 errors (via a plugin) - Making SEO Improvements - Customizing themes - Installing & configuring plugins - Whatever else a developer or agency needs. So I want to do junior level Wordpress work, but I dont want to dive into the php or javascript (yet). I'll leave that to the pros. I want to do the lower end tasks and charge like $20-30/hr for freelancing, giving the pros more time to focus on larger tasks while I handle smaller tasks. I dont know what to call myself so agencies & developers understand what I'm offering. - Wordpress Virtual Assistant - Wordpress Technical Assistant - Wordpress Webmaster Services - Wordpress Support Services - Freelance Wordpress Consultant - Wordpress Maintenance Services I really prefer working in an assistant/junior/support capacity for now as I'm still fairly new, but I do have a small portfolio. Thanks for any advice


My firm is always looking for freelance talent to work with our clients so if you are interested lets discuss.

As for a title, Wordpress Expert sounds pretty enticing to me.

Answered 8 years ago

I hire Junior wordpress developers and designers for my firm often. I still want them to feel important and a more prominent title gets you more WordPress experience faster on your way to being a senior developer in the future.

Based on what I have titled my own junior programmers, I suggest:
- Junior Web Developer
- WordPress Web Developer

They both work well and tell clients and employers exactly what you do.


Answered 8 years ago

First, I'd love to help you as you grow and expand your freelance career. It is truly my passion to help others do what they love.

As for your question, I like "WordPress Virtual Assistant". As a former agency owner, this speaks to exactly what you do. If you have a web presence (I expect you do), then you can go in to more detail about your freelance capacity, your skills, and how you can help agencies and firms outsource some of those administrative tasks that bog us down and cost the client hundreds an hour for a developer to handle.

Keep in touch,

Answered 8 years ago

Wordpress Solutions Designer

Answered 8 years ago

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