I’m wondering if there is a business model, including refrigerated truck owners, in which the cargo owners (In this case food requiring refrigerated transport) ask for transport defining the weight to be transported, origin and destination. This is because trucks travel one way with cargo, but don't necessarily return to origin full of cargo or even half loaded.

1-Because transportation of perishable products are very specific you need to ensure there will be refrigerated facilities available at the destination which you can rent it for a short period of time. Truck company (if they have office at destination) can help out with this or find similar companies
2-Group orders with "consume by date" and delivery as a big order
3- Look for cheaper options. I mean NY sushi restaurants import fresh fish from Japan on a weekly basis, I dont think any truck company/person will care for collaboration
4- Call various shipment companies and cut a deal,
I hope i get this right but what are you shipping in low quantity and costing you much money? Must look for different options or clients closer within your range

Answered 6 years ago

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