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*Financial advice on P&L Management, budgeting, cost analysis, ROI
*Food cost analysis, menu engineering, inventory systems and recommendations
*Creation of policy, procedure, standards, creating accountability for your teams.
*Recruitment, staff retention, empowerment, incentives, engagement and various HR recommendations
*Analysis of business challenges, brainstorming, group discussions, idea creation
*Putting your challenges on the table and finding solutions together

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-Sell your mobile solution to a local cleaning companies, like outsource cleaning company, digitize their business and have their clients move to your platform
-Rate cleaners and Rate clients
-Build and in-app incentive for rating system for services rendered
-Allow cleaners to perform extra jobs that is out of their scope to earn more points "incentives" so they can make more money

1-Because transportation of perishable products are very specific you need to ensure there will be refrigerated facilities available at the destination which you can rent it for a short period of time. Truck company (if they have office at destination) can help out with this or find similar companies
2-Group orders with "consume by date" and delivery as a big order
3- Look for cheaper options. I mean NY sushi restaurants import fresh fish from Japan on a weekly basis, I dont think any truck company/person will care for collaboration
4- Call various shipment companies and cut a deal,
I hope i get this right but what are you shipping in low quantity and costing you much money? Must look for different options or clients closer within your range

-Start!! Offer free sessions, make changes and collect feedback/testimonials. This will also allow you to develop your skills, Once you are confident enough you can start charging for fees. If you cant answer questions, research and get back.
-You mentioned lot of "i think" 'I believe" maybe its time that you start and having solid understanding of what you are capable of. Definitely join toastmasters.

Google company formation agencies in respective areas
Contact them and get the requirements for registering your company and start the process

If you dont have money and starting small you really need to register a off the shelf company just to be legal in the country. You can have your partners as your directors, shareholder etc.. so they are legal too. Consider where your main business will be and start from there. A US citizen can buy a company for 150$ on internet. Heading to US? Open a company in Cayman Islands.

Need more help, text me...

Take action!!!

I hope I understood this right! You are in Canada and want to sell USA products but you don't know how and don't have licenses! Yes?...

1-Find a local Canadian supplier that have the appropriate licenses to sell, meaning that they can import from USA,
2-Call USA suppliers and tell them you want to buy in bulk and sell in Canada and need wholesale prices.
3- Find an importing/exporting company with appropriate licenses and ship your products
4- Cut a deal with a Canadian distribute on monthly sales commission OR per quantity sales price and collect your cash..
5- I didnt get the part with online store!! Than you need to set up your online store??

BUT, make sure to start with local chamber of commerce or similar government offices to get understanding on what you can import and export, licenses etc... before you do anything.

It sound to me that you will not be there for a long time. If the owner is not giving you any rights it is a clear sign.. Look like he/she needed a helping hand and that's what you did..

1- This is not a fruitful relationship between you two and he is not committed to you.. You drove his business and now he is benefiting from your presence.. Collect your money and get out. Do the same thing by yourself and shift your customers to you..
2- Set monthly targets to cash out. Say... if you reach 100K/monthly take 25% and if you reach 300K/m take 35% of the incremental in revenue on top of your 25%, sign an consultant contract, get your money on time and leave..

Change your approach and don't get caught up in company equity and shares etc... . if owner is dragging don't drag along with him. Act quick...

Does your training include a special a method or application for Client Care?
Is it one off training or continuous program with achievable targets? What is the impact after you change the mind set from customer to client?

If I was in your shoes, I would develop a bulletproof method/software/etc... for managing customer relations, train establishments and contract them for a period of time with full commitment to increase their overall client services.

There is no "best prospects", every business needs customer care..

1- Sit previously used employees and ask their opinion and tell them to develop a plan.. For instance... "you guys used it, how can we make others also use it"
2- Tie them up with an incentive goals to signup more employees / group champions to work together
3- Arrange informative training sessions in your company, raise awareness, ask for enrollments
4- If benefit is a third party contractor; Get more "juice" from contractor and tell your internal champions they will have more benefits if they sign up more.

I remember once we wanted to increase the foot traffic to one of our restaurants. We gave 25% discount to our employees to come and try, didn't get much traffic. We than offered a "refer 3 full table / get free dinner up to 4 people" than we increased our bookings and spread the name of the venue. I guess it really depends on your benefit, if it is an internal benefit or an outside contractor benefit that pays commission to your business i.e. insurance policy...

Either they have problems or looking for a fresh blood.

If you going to advise = fix a monthly fee. Advise is an opinion don't tie it up to percentage of income. Maybe your advice will not have an immediate effect. Ask 100% payment in advance/ or 50% before 50% after

If you going to be hands on = Grow their business and take a bigger chuck of growth income. Say that they are making 100K/month. Grow it to 300K and take 35% of it.. play with your ratios

How do you land a job anywhere?
I like you file this under "job search strategies"
Text me, we will work out a great strategy...

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