Background: Modelling has always been my passion, but because of the small market/demand in fashion industry in NZ (where i am based right now) , I only can do it part-time locally. Also, I came to the age of 23, so the life span for being a model is disappearing. To be able to transfer my passion for fashion, I thought about an alternative is blogging. It can also satisfy my secondary passion for business. Idea: To differentiate my blog with other exiting ones. I thought about video blogging my daily fashion on each post (also few photos attachments) rather than mainly based on photos. Concern: 1.Building a blog requires many skills. I love the part that you get to design your look (styling), the process of producing high-quality photos (modelling) etc, but my weakness is writing and lacking knowledge of online/social media tactics to attract a large amount of followers to be able to monetize it in the future. 2. After brainstorming few blog names, almost every single one that ends with .com is taken (imagine the frustration). It's been couple weeks , I just want to start it RIGHT NOW, but have no name for it..... 3. With video posting, I imagine it would be more time-consuming and costly ( pay for professionals to create the video and edit) than photo posting. If so, is there a way to overcome it ? 4. I am working full-time as an office manager on weekdays, wanting to pursue a side business then be able to turn it to full-time business one day soon. Is there a way to make money out of fashion blogging straight away, in other words, what product/service can I offer/sell on a fashion blog rather than waiting to gain enough fans to monetize it by accepting ads etc.

Hi there!
Like in everything that concerns people (in you case your future readers) there are 2 questions you need to answer first: 1. what makes your blog unique i.e. what will make your blog the preferred blog for your target group?
2. what is your specific target group and what is their unsatisfied need your blog is going to satisfy?

Both go hand in hand, especially concerning blogs as you are the product therefore it's better to find people that will be attracted by your personal offer vs. inventing a different persona (although you could ;).

Let's imagine you have curves and like to dress very smartly. Now, out there there might be a target group (your future audience) who is missing a blogger/fashion expert that explain them how to dress classy when one has curves. Then you have a reason to exist which will transform into getting a followship faster and cheaper than if you are not unique.

Based on that, you will be looking into monetization in a very different way because you will try to partner with companies or bloggers that target the same profile of people.

Similarly you will be selecting a name that is very different from the name you would want to appeal to hard core campers for example.

I am happy to jump in a call to help you transform what is unique in you into a viable blog/business :)

You can also watch my TED talk - it's about marketing applied to online dating, but the same principles I exposed above are treated in the video (plus it's fun ;)


Answered 4 years ago

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