Where can I find a mobile app development partner?

I own a boutique mobile app development firm based in Dallas. I am looking to find a reliable subcontractor to handle overflow. Prefer an agency. My firm is all Xamarin and Azure (Node.js). We recently finished v1 of our framework and platform - details at Prefer a partner that can assist with development and mobile ops (Azure). Need to speak with someone that is familiar with process and can assist with a connection. Thank you!


I'd be happy to make an intro - just shoot me a message.

Answered 4 years ago

My company, Semaphore Mobile, is also located in Dallas and
is a mobile development company specializing in iOS, Android and RoR coding. Let me know if you want to talk!

Answered 4 years ago

It's great that you are looking for a software development partner, not just some developers. There are plenty of resources to find the software development teams you would like to work with, but as I bunped into your question - I'd like to introduce you to MobiDev - a reliable software development company. You can check out our profile, or just send me a reply.
If you are not interested it's ok - thanks for your time.

Answered 4 years ago

Well, I run an app development agency across India and US and can nicely handle any work overflow. I'm doing this since 8 years across two continents so know a thing or two about the whole ecosystem.

Please check my website for more info, or send a message (that comes to me only).


Answered 4 years ago

When it comes to a mobile app development company, Aglowid IT Solutions remains at the top of the list of our clients. We also share a great bondage with our partnered mobile app development company worldwide. We together can create a great team help our potential clients get the projects developed right deadline. Explore our policy in detail at

Answered a year ago

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