I'm looking to make a substantial income without hiring single employee? I am ok with freelancers but not with employees. If yes, what are those businesses?

It's possible and really it's easy to start.

But it needs 2 main resources: your money or your time.

To earn immediately after the launch what you will have to make is a lead generation paid SEM plan.
To make it work you will need:
- a clever domain name
- a medium lenght optimized landing page
- an email funnel strategy
- a google adwors account, with a daily mantainance for your SEM strategy (this will be your main role)

If you have a 3-6 months time range to start to see the first client you will need:
- SEO optimized domain name
- SEO optimized long landing page
- A SEO optimized blog with a blog content strategy
- an active look on your social media channels to make them grow
- a daily backlink generation objective

Finding freelancers is the easieast part since everyone is looking for clients today.
Many professionals rely on projects like yours to receive leads and work for a smaller slice of the pie.

To understand how to make it work contact me, I did it for banks.

Answered 4 years ago

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