We have made a party card game and launched it on Kickstarter. The game has internet meme theme and so far it is going well but I know that I'm getting into the mid-campaign stall and I need to bring way more traffic to it. (high ROI or not-paid traffic preferebly) What is your marketing suggestion? Consider that it is a real Kickstarter so we don't have a huge marketing budget but it doesn't need to be completely free too. This is the campaign:

I have helped marketing campaigns for some products in the past, my first suggestion for you is to have a video clip shared through facebook, twitter, kik, instagram, periscope, etc - showing people actually playing the game. But have no pitch in it, simply a video of some people playing - spontaneous video as if it wasn't planned. you also have 175 backers, use email newsletter updates asking for shares and thanking them... regularly, every with something new - always asking for shares or for likes on facebook, and such. their likes get seen by others and thus can help drive your traffic and backers.
if you already have sample decks, go give them to baristas at your local bars and have them play, record and share on their feeds - most baristas (girls) have a lot of followers within their own club profile, on instagram they may be tagged to their personal profile as well. Get more exposure leveraging their following. If you found this helpful, please like my page

Answered 4 years ago

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