I broker SBA loans for business buyers. What online strategies can I use to find borrowers? What are the most effective ways to use the Internet to find people who are buying a business and need an SBA loan?

Great question, for some reason I didn't see this in my queue. You are asking a lead generation and demographic question and the answer in itself is simple even if the actual effort to achieve may not. What you need is inbound marketing, you may have heard of companies like InfusionSoft and or Hubspot that offer retargeting and customer nurture software.

As MBA and business owner and consultant I can tell you that I know the difference between a traditional loan and a strategic loan whether is from SBA or a vendor. The problem is that most business owners who might need the SBA loan as a way to fund their new business or fund their growth might not necessarily think of a loan as strategic but as another debt to carry as they do on their personal finances and this adds a negative connotation to the whole thing. You could try and pitch every single business owner out there, like most brokers do, and you will definitely waste a lot of time because many if not most owners will be enticed to the conversation about easy lending up until the point where they actually have to put down their information and commit, this means brokers waste a lot of time chasing around leads that are leads only because they are alive. This is no way of doing business.

What I would do is employ inbound marketing techniques by doing so the process will enable me, broker, to position myself as a thought leader on the matter, industry resource for small businesses in certain industries, employee number, revenue number, etc... I would simply stick to one niche and leverage that niche knowledge to create content about topics that will be impactful to these business owners, nurture their growth, be with them when they don't need you and over time just like in in-person networking, you will build a trust based relationship based on who you are, your knowledge and how you 'carry' yourself online. inbound marketing will allow you to create blogs, videos, etc. and then find your consumers through places where they congregate the most.

Some cities are heavy on Craigslist and see CL as legit of a business place as Linkedin, while some use only Facebook. I know this because I am a competitive marketer and do my research. So in each city, you would distribute your content through the primary communication channel... you focus on creating, offering the service and waiting for them to come to you. Unlike cold calling, cold emailing, lead buying, and paid ads - content created is content that will live for ever. So over time you build content that is spread all over the web for your type of client to find and read because they are looking for the type of content you have provided for them... this is why you see consultants, marketers, coaches, etc. trade free e-books in exchange for your email or contact number... people who are willing to trade and read your ebook as more likely to be converted.

Go and partner with rotary clubs, startup organizations, chambers, networking groups (many meet for lunch or breakfast in casual settings, find them on facebook) join facebook groups, etc. and pass your content through those channels.

This is the most effective way because is the only sustainable and efficient. It takes time and commitment and thats why is not the easiest, but you asked for the most effective. Companies like my agency,, offer inbound marketing services to small and new businesses who need services that solve problems like yours. If you are interested and would like to speak with me about our services, please don't hesitate to call me, send me an email ( I hope my answer is helpful :)

Answered 4 years ago

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