I broker SBA loans for business buyers. What online strategies can I use to find borrowers? What are the most effective ways to use the Internet to find people who are buying a business and need an SBA loan?

Personally, I think paid search is the best way to go to drive targeted search traffic to your website or lead generation page. People searching for "SBA loan" are going to be your best prospects. Due to the fact that its very competitive to advertise wit Google Adwords and Bing Ads, you will need to use best practices of lead generation to convert as many leads as possible from the traffic you are driving there from the searches. Another really effective tactic to convert more traffic into leads or inquiries is to use what's called "visitor retargeting" which is running ads to the people you have originally driven to the lead page that don't convert into a lead. When they leave the site, i.e. abandon the form, you can then advertise to them on Facebook, Twitter, and other website throughout the Internet, to bring them back to the site.

Another strategy is using SEO or organic search to generate targeted traffic, which is more of a longer term play. You have content and articles written, as well as videos that are targeting the same search phrases you are using with your paid search campaigns. By posting articles to your site, over time, you can generate free traffic, some of which will be interested and complete your lead form. This is more of a longer term approach but in my opinion should be part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategies. Making videos about related topics that can be uploaded to youtube can also function to get organic rankings in the search engines and drive traffic to your lead pages. There are other strategies to use, these are some of the most effective in my opinion. if you have any questions please let me know or if you need an agency to handle these types of campaigns for you please contact me to discuss.

Answered 4 years ago

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