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Extremely experienced digital marketing professional, having worked with more than 300 companies managing their digital marketing strategies. I've managed more than 100 million in e-commerce budgets and revenue for e-commerce merchants, across multiple online channels and advertisers, over the past 20 years.

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Please let me know the purpose of the website, so I can cater my feedback to that. thanks.

You can see where people are dropping off from in Google Analytics. You can look at the overall conversion rate and see if it's effective. I don't recommend spending much before doing some best-practices oriented conversion rate optimization. I can help with that.

I would seriously consider launching a blog and posting content of the same type to the blog, in abundance. Then add a popup box to the blog to collect email addresses. Post daily blog posts about topics related to your blog and your newsletter. If you do this consistently, over time, you will build up traffic to your blog and also get people entering their email into your popup. This is the free way to do it...

- Create content, i.e. posts and videos to add to the site and youtube.
- Run ads on Facebook targeting your demographics and people that make money.
- run ads in search for people looking for boutiques and then bring them to a website that's as high end and modern as your boutique.
- retargeting - advertise to the website visitors after they leave the website through Google and Facebook.
- Add a popup box on your website to build your email list. Then email it weekly with promotions. Over time this will be your best performing channel.

Contact me if you would like to work with an agency or consultant.

Better to pay $100 an hour and get it all done in 102 hours with someone competent that can give you the strategy in that amount of time. Let me know, I'm available.

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