I'm a psychological personality type enthusiast with passion to help people through knowing their unconscious behaviour and turning it into conscious decisions. I'm an unfinished business and management bachelor who found "his way" in helping people through getting to know themselves and others better in order to be able to take conscious and responsibile decisions for their lifes. To help them uncover their barriers and help them overcome them. Also I'm a passionate young man with strong urge to help the world evolve the "right" way through helping people. I'm a finishing student who wants to fight his way through the sharp business world and bring and spread life values and humanity to it.

Best way? Figure out a process to get consistent referrals from other professionals.

I made a video about this situation, in the video blog here:

Second-best way? Narrow your ideal customer definition, and go get them.

Who values uncovering their unconscious behavior and changing them to conscious decisions? Who values that?

Not many people, IMO. But I do know one niche that does: some high level executives. They know mindset is #1 in determining their results.

The good news here? They know the value of doing so, and will pay for it. Unlike the regular public, who love 'free' and struggle to pay for anything because they don't have any money nor a belief that investing in themselves is important, your executives will 'get it'. In fact, I'd niche down even more, to executives in a certain industry who are making so much a year.

Talk less about you and more about the situation your ideal customer is in. That's your marketing. Most sellers do it completely backwards.

Answered 4 years ago

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