I'm a psychological personality type enthusiast with passion to help people through knowing their unconscious behaviour and turning it into conscious decisions. I'm an unfinished business and management bachelor who found "his way" in helping people through getting to know themselves and others better in order to be able to take conscious and responsibile decisions for their lifes. To help them uncover their barriers and help them overcome them. Also I'm a passionate young man with strong urge to help the world evolve the "right" way through helping people. I'm a finishing student who wants to fight his way through the sharp business world and bring and spread life values and humanity to it.

I know that's what you are passionate about, but you need to create a message that resonates with your clients.

Meaning how is this going to help them solve some major problems in their lives? (Financial, relational, spiritual, or physical)

So many coaches struggle to even make minimum wage because they sell what they want to sell (they project their own values on to their clients) instead of selling what people actually want to buy.

Answered 4 years ago

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