What resources should I utilize when finding tech recruiters and HR personnel?

I am working on an idea to help companies reach tech candidates. I am trying to figure out the best way to reach out to Recruitment and HR managers.


The easiest way would probably be to join a recruiter clack group (e.g. and reach out to people there.

You could also do a search on LinkedIn for: 'recruiter', and if you have a particular geographic area you want to focus on just include that in the search too.

Reaching out to the people you find on those platforms can be done in a couple different ways, and the best one will depend on what it is you're trying to communicate or ask. If you'd like more specific advice relevant to your particular product or service, feel free to send along further information,



Answered 4 years ago

There are several resources which you may find helpful in your search to start a tech career:

1.) LinkedIn- I'm sure you heard this before, but by incorporating key search words into your profile will help recruiters zero-in on you. No experience? That is OK. In your summary mention that your goal is to be an "xx" or "yy". Of course, these titles are job search key words.

2.) Create a profile on AngelList. AngelList gives you great insight on new start up opportunities in your area.

3.) Attend meetups, cohorts, or free events at code schools in your area. Most of these events there are on site staff, or recruiters there actively searching new hires. Also, the majority of these events are held inside of top tech companies, it's a great way to get inside and stalk the company you love!

4.) As far as HR is concerned, you're looking in the wrong place! Most tech hiring decision come from that specific department or department head. Find them! HR is usually the last step in the process.

Answered 4 years ago

As a previous HR Manager of a tech company, the easiest way to reach people like myself is utilize social media. One of the most heavily populated sites is LinkedIn. It shouldn't be too hard as long as you have a list of "must haves" together.

Answered 4 years ago

I would add Twitter as an excellent source to find recruiters. There are many curated lists you can find and it's quick and easy to start a conversation. Search for influencers in the field and get them engaged.

Answered 3 years ago

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