What are the best practices in growing an online business on Instagram?

I want to grow my own business on Instagram. I created a software called Instaeasy ( but I'm having some troubles finding new customers. There's a lot of competition here in Brazil and some of them have a lot of money to buy ads and find customers and I don't. What you guys would do if you were me?


The quality of the photograph and the words you tag the photograph with are keys to success on Instagram. Along with the link to your URL of course. Be selective and post only the most beautiful and interesting unique images and use the best and most relevant words for tags for the search function. Also have a consistency in the images you post. It takes time but eventually you will attract Instagram users who will follow you and share your posted images and links.

Answered 7 years ago

Case Studies & Social Proof of the results you are getting for people & how at the end of the day they are converting for the customer. "Followers" is a vanity metric that not many business owners care about-- they care about conversions.

Answered 6 years ago

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