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About 2 or 3 times a year I run a giveaway promotion on my travel blog. It is a great way to work with brands and to attract new people to your site. Then you can use an opt-in plugin or similar to convert new visitors into subscribers and add them to your email list. You do not say whether you are a B2C or B2B enterprise or what country you live in, this kind of marketing strategy is not appropriate in all cases, and there are always legal restrictions depending on where in the world your business is based. If this idea appeals to you and would make sense for your business, I would be happy to speak with you further.

I am 59 yo myself. Your situation is unfortunately very common these days as older workers are being pushed aside for younger and cheaper workers. I agree with others here that in the short term you should apply to any kind of seasonal job in your area even if it is not your field and probably pays hourly and less than you were used to. At least it will provide you with some earnings so you can pay bills. You can then think about what knowledge and skills you can offer companies not as an employee but as a consultant. You can work from home and present live training webinars for a fee, for example, using a platform such as Zoom to set up the webinar. You do have to shift to the mindset of a self-employed professional and depending what state you live in (if you are in the USA), I would contact regarding health insurance coverage. Open enrollment is happening right now, so do not delay!

You are in the type of business where personal recommendations carry the most weight. If you are located in a small strip mall setting, for example, walk around and introduce yourself to the other businesses on the property. Hand out business cards to the owners and employees and offer them a selection of one highly discounted salon services. Try to schedule appointments right away. Once these people have had their service ask them to post a nice comment about their experience on sites like Yelp - be sure to have your profile up and running on Yelp by then. Take photos as well of these first customers in your salon - with their permission. It is worth breaking even or losing a small amount of money to offer time-limited discounts to selected individuals in return for these social media positive comments and ratings to get you started.

Another strategy is to connect with newsletters and blog sites that your best customers subscribe to and read frequently. If you are not sure, select a random few past customers and ask them directly. Then send an email query to the publisher or editor of these media and offer to serve as a go-to expert for future Q&A content about collectibles, etc. Perhaps the editor would accept a short guest post that you could submit along with a link back to your business website. In many cases, the only cost to you is your time. This is worth exploring. I would be happy to discuss other strategies with you if you will contact me.

There are many strategies to use and some are already mentioned here. For your consideration I might add offering a short-term giveaway promotion for your product or service. You can set up a temporary landing page / entry form on your site or simply add a link to a 3rd party vendor that will run the giveaway for you. Since you are doing well with social media, use these outlets to announce the promotion - which builds excitement and an "excuse" to visit your site for more information. I run giveaway promotions frequently on my site, some are for items of less value and some are for items of greater value, but in all cases I have seen an uptick in site visits, and even better, an increase in sign-ups for my monthly e-newsletter. Feel free to contact me for further discussion.

This is a great topic for a defined audience! You have received lots of good suggestions from these other experts who are responding to your question. What I might add is figure out who are top bloggers in your topic niche and contact them to see if they accept guest posts. If so, write an original post for them with a link in your bio that directs readers to you, ideally to a landing page on your own site that provides an opt-in opportunity. Connecting with influencers is one of the many ways to build your newsletter subscriber list. Best of luck, and I would be delighted to help you further if you wish to contact me here on Clarity.

You do not mention whether your site is B2B or B2C, but "corpwriting" suggests the former. In that case, you may wish to write a post on a LinkedIn profile where you are offering an image, a powerful headline, one or two paragraphs, and then a link to your site that the reader can follow to complete the post. You can join relevant groups on LinkedIn (and Facebook as well) and then share your post intro with these groups to reach even more readers.

This is one of many strategies that would drive more traffic to your blog, and I can suggest more if you would like to speak with me on a first call.

The quality of the photograph and the words you tag the photograph with are keys to success on Instagram. Along with the link to your URL of course. Be selective and post only the most beautiful and interesting unique images and use the best and most relevant words for tags for the search function. Also have a consistency in the images you post. It takes time but eventually you will attract Instagram users who will follow you and share your posted images and links.

Hi there, I am not a travel agency, but I am a blogger all about ecotourism, which is also a narrow niche in the travel industry. What I would like to add to this conversation is to consider contacting certain specific and popular travel blogger about your services. There are some bloggers who will put together a group of travelers from their followers and serve as leader of the group for a particular trip to a specific destination and experience. You may be able to negotiate a new relationship with such a blogger, and then this can become one of your sales funnels where the blogger is your marketing and sale rep.

In addition to these good answers you are receiving from these other experts, I would like to add another consideration, and that is you would be wise to be careful in your selection of bloggers to approach. It is not about quantity but quality. You should research who are the bloggers who are key influencers in the subject(s) most related to your product or service. Then review their sites, policies, and media kits if they have one. Some bloggers accept guest posts, many do not, almost all will charge a fee for product reviews and sponsored posts. Do not contact any one blogger until you determine that he or she seems to be a good fit for your purposes. Then you will see if that blogger is interested in working with you. The generic approach is a poor strategy - bloggers are individuals and no two are exactly alike.

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