What is the core difference between talent managment and talent agent? How are the fees generally different?


Talent management companies will bill the client for their services including the salaries of the temp workers. They keep the employees on their payrolls and then send them at client side. This reduces the risk of the client, however the client shells out more money.

In case of Talent agent, they will find the right talent for the client and will charge a service fee/commission. The employees will join at the payrolls of the client creating direct accountability of the client.

Answered 7 years ago

The core difference is that a manager receives a percentage of all revenue regardless of its source. An agent typically receives a commission only on the revenue they introduce.

Management fees can be 25% or more as work is required that is not directly correlated with revenue.

Agencies tend to take a 15% commission.

I hope this helps.


Answered 6 years ago

Talent management refers to the recruiting, training, retaining and enhancing or rescinding part of the hiring process. There is a good deal of supervision required once the new joinee has been recruited in the job role. Whereas, a talent agent only acquires the talent from multiple sources. As such, a person involved in Talent management is paid more in most cases.

Answered 6 years ago

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