We are a travel operator working in a very specific and exotic niche that is part adventure, part altruistic, and part political. I can share more about the exact niche on a phone call. But the struggle to get bookings these days is really frustrating. We need help from someone who really understands the sales funnel for adventure travel operators who do not sell day tours and activities, but sell 3-10 day tours to a very exotic and adventurous location. First of all, I know we have on-page LPO/CRO issues throughout the site. Getting lost in the weeds on that, frankly. Secondly, we struggle with lead generation, because our niche is really competitive. I would like to do a call with an expert in travel operator lead generation (ideally, an expert with experience in uncoventional, nichy adventure travel) and conversion to look at our funnel, from social strategy, to on-page conversion issues, to back-end booking management. In the end, we MUST drive bookings in the next couple months, or we are in trouble. Any help greatly appreciated. Thanks much!

Hi there, I am not a travel agency, but I am a blogger all about ecotourism, which is also a narrow niche in the travel industry. What I would like to add to this conversation is to consider contacting certain specific and popular travel blogger about your services. There are some bloggers who will put together a group of travelers from their followers and serve as leader of the group for a particular trip to a specific destination and experience. You may be able to negotiate a new relationship with such a blogger, and then this can become one of your sales funnels where the blogger is your marketing and sale rep.

Answered 4 years ago

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