When it comes to putting an outdoor ticketed event with expenses that include talent, production, staff, venue, etc.. and revenue is generated from tickets, bar, sponsors, and vendors. Is it profitable for me to seek an investor or seek sponsorship money? Or both?

I dont think the location or type of venue matters much in your ability to pursue and negotiate opportunities for vendors, sponsors and or investors. The easiest to pursue is vendors - in fact most smaller events are paid for by the vendors and sponsorships from local organizations who want to reach your type of audience. Make a description of the type of crowd you will attract and then make a list of potential products/companies that might be interest in advertising there. Create and sell packages to them. That approach is probably much easier than pursuing a random investor whom you have negotiate a lot more than just the ad pricing and can delay things. Unless you know someone who can give you money w/ little questions asked then go for the vendor/sponsorship route.

Answered 3 years ago

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