I'm trying to narrow down who needs what we offer. I have a team of awesome travel writers that do great content for astonishingly low rates.

I love this type of questions because it has to do with strategy which is my sweet spot!!
My name is Humberto and I'm the co-founder of a digital marketing agency that allows small business owners and entrepreneurs negotiate their subscription budget. We started offering marketing as a quality measure for our strategy consulting, over time we pivoted a bit and offer our combined services to small and new businesses at a higher leap in value.

You have built a dedicated team of writers and bloggers that write about Travel - my question to you would be what type of travel? what scope within the Travel niche are you focused on right now? if at all.

Answering these type of questions will help you identify possible prospects for your business. As inbound marketers we have a methodology that we follow, is called the Buyer Persona, the Buyer's Journey and their Moments Of Truth :::

A Buyer Persona is a semi-fictional character of who your audience is, hobbies, lifestyle, family, personal/professional phase in life, etc. - use this to help you identify what social channels they are most likely on, what are their interests in travel, what magazines or blogs do they read on travel, etc.

This helps you identify possible clients such as family oriented magazines, bloggers, media companies, PR agencies, travel agents, etc who might want to pay for an article or two...

Then you use the Buyer Journey methodology to help you create the type of content that your prospect client might be interested on and thus searching for on Google or their social account of choice:::
Awareness -- Prospect first becomes aware that they have a problem, may not be sure of the origin or if there is a solution, but they Google their problem or situation.

Consideration -- Prospect finds content (various formats) that identify the problem and possible different solutions and alternatives.

Decision - Prospect finally understands the different available solutions and alternatives for their problem. Makes a decision on what approach to take and who to hire or what to buy or not to buy.

For example, a travel agent first launching her business might know she needs to blog but has no time nor the skills to write content with the right structure and images and CTAs for her so she might subscribe to travel blogs, magazines, and accounts for inspiration as well as maybe actively Google for subscription services for travel articles she can share on her own blog. She might be re-sharing content with some attribution to it already.
Knowing this you might then create content that talks about how travel agents benefit from outsourcing their writing to other travel bloggers, you might write about why travel writing is good for business, how can travel agents benefit from travel writing in general and then share it through her favorite medium or have the content built with really good SEO so she finds it on her own. That would be for the Awareness stage, then you may write content for the Consideration stage of why is good to outsource as a business owner, or travel agent best places to visit, etc. You can do the same, SEO, share and or because this piece is for the 2nd step which is now consideration you might send it to those who have subscribed on the first content CTA and now you have targeted email to send to her to move her from Consideration to Decision of actually giving you a try.
Obviously this approach applies to anything else in any other industry and does sound easier than it actually is, but the methodology is pretty straight forward.

Consider the fact that many magazines and publishers already pay for the content inside those magazines too, so all you have to do as well is cold-email them or cold call them if that's your thing. For a more scalable and sustainable approach though, Content and Inbound Marketing is key.

I hope I have been of any value and brought some clarity. If you think so and would like to do me a favor, please follow me on twitter @HumbertoVee or my team on

Thank you for asking and reading!

Answered 3 years ago

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