Any Wordpress Plugin suggestions/recommendations to add MLM features to my my site?

4answers turned up a few.

Implementing your comp plan math + database tables efficiently will be your primary challenge.

If you use comp plan exactly matching one of the existing plugins, you're good to go.

If not, likely you're focus will be hiring someone adept at writing high speed database applications.

Answered 7 years ago

On top of WooCommerce we can certainly create a comprehensive MLM environment with all the features you need both for yourself (an admin dashboard where you see performance and everything else of your affiliates) and the affiliates that do the sales of your product.
Part of it would also be to recruit more good affiliates to keep growing your revenue opportunities, so this will need our attention as well!

If you are interested in creating an MLM website on the Wordpress platform, why don't you schedule a quick call? I am sure that within ten minutes we will elaborate a lot.

Good luck with the business!
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Answered 6 years ago

As per my experience, WordPress & WooCommerce Affiliate Program is the best WordPress plugin for implementing the affiliate system as well as MLM(Multi-Level Marketing) on your WordPress website. The main thing is that all features of this plugin is working. The author team provides very fast and good support. Another Main thing is that they have mentioned on their product page they will launch a Native Android and iOS App for WooCommerce which is fully compatible with this plugin that will be a great thing.
Some main features which I like are:
Two Way Commission - Give commission to affiliate and also give discounts to users.
Multi-Level Marketing ( MLM ) - Binary, Forced Matrix, Unilevel
Manual Referral/Commission
Social Media Share
Automatic Banner Generation, even generate QR code of link and many more affiliate tools to market your products
SignUp Bonus and Performance Bonus
Lifetime / Unlimited Commission
Coupons – Affiliates can generate coupons
Different Templates for Login and Signup

I've successfully helped over 150 entrepreneurs, startups, and businesses, and I would be happy to help you. Please send me more information before scheduling a call - so I can give you maximum value for your money. Take a look at the great reviews I’ve received:

Answered 4 years ago

WordPress MLM plugin features like commission management, distributor network management, payout management, compensation plan management and automation of marketing activities such as lead generation, sales prospecting, and customer relationship management will help you integrate and manage a resourceful MLM network in your business. It can seamlessly integrate ecommerce and MLM elements into your business if that is what you’re looking for. But, first analyze your business requirements and look for plugins that offer customization of MLM features.

WordPress MLM plugin from Epixel (, a direct selling technology company, can help you streamline your business with MLM features. It has advanced features such as prospecting tools, commission management system, distributor training module, promotional tools, and an efficient compliance management system. New age features such as gamification, personalized training and interactions, and customer support modules are integrated to help MLM businesses gain a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving global marketplace.

The WordPress MLM plugin also includes industry-standard security features that secures customer, distributor, and organizational data and allows all third-party integrations for businesses to operate seamlessly. The plugin supports all MLM compensation plans and commission structures to accommodate changing business requirements.

Most WordPress MLM plugins offer businesses support to manage their wide distributor networks with exceptional features to engage, entertain, and encourage distributors to be more productive. From onboarding new distributors to retaining existing customers, an MLM plugin has all the features that a standard MLM software can offer.

Answered 7 months ago

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