I've tried looking at other accounts, but they tend to use mostly generic hashtags such as #art. How do you find ones where you're more likely to be noticed?

Social Media is not as easy as some people make it seem. It is also not as hard as it appears, the trick to it all is - specially in getting others to truly like you - is to find a niche and speak only to that interest.
With that in mind you could narrow down hashtags to cater situations. For example, you used the word #art (Besides being a global strategist I am also an artist and my first love was painting) I can tell you that the hashtag art will generate a broad exposure, specially on Instagram but then you need to narrow it down to situation such as who's posting/who you want to target? The person? the building? the buyer? who? You can narrow down #art to #artist or #artists then to #artgallery then #abstract or #popart then tools used such as #stencil or #photoshop and then possibly add to your hashtags some muse tags that might provide inspiration for artist such as #scenery #galaxy #landscape #murals #wearableart etc

You can also type these narrowed tags one you have identified them and see the "related:" suggestions Instagram gives you.

My name is Humberto, I'm the founder of, a digital marketing agency that brings big business tools and experts to small growing companies with little budgets. Best of luck in your efforts!

Answered 3 years ago

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