Currently, I am involved with many shopify groups but I operate actively in three.
-know your ideal clients and go to where they hang out often, for me, it is Facebook groups.
You cannot just go and pitch your service, you must first give value.
-so I set a period of thirty-fifty minutes twice a day to appear in one Facebook group ,where I answer questions pertaining to marketing and advertising.
You need to commit to this daily to succeed.
I do this by commenting and creating post which are geared in answering questions in the area of my speciality.
I plan to craft my blogpost to address their concerns on marketing,when I am done,I publish it in the group and on my page.Boost the blogpost with Facebook ads.
I also plan help one of my ideal client for a full week day,to get him/her as a client.
Just one hour a day for this target.

Answered 3 years ago

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