Does any one know a luxury watches drop-ship company or companies based in Europe specifically Swiss?

I have been searching for a luxury watches drop-ship company or companies based in Europe specifically Swiss?


What price points are you looking for? Do you want drop ship with allowance of white labeling a product? Does it need to be direct link e-commerce or will you personally fulfill each drop ship order? I have a client that sells watches through amazon, get in touch with me and I'll see how I can help you!

Answered 6 years ago

I'm a veteran eCommerce seller who's done over 10 Million in online sales in the past few years. I've sold on platforms like eBay, Amazon and Etsy as well as my own sites.

Here's the problem I see with doing watches. Watches are one of the most competitive and saturated industries. It seems every dropshipper is selling either watches, wallets, or survival items. Your competing against everyone else using the same suppliers and selling the same stuff.

In regards to selling luxury watches, typically someone who's ordering in bulk or buying wholesale is going to get better pricing than a dropshipper. Lastly being a dropshipper you're reliant on the company shipping for you sending items to the correct addresses, sending legitimate and not counterfeit watches, etc. If your supplier messes up ultimately your the one who took the payment and your the one on the hook. Consumers have up to 6 months to do a credit card chargeback and keep your item as well as get their money back which is why selling, let alone dropshipping where you have less control, high Dollar items can be risky.

How do you plan on selling these watches? On a platform like eBay or Amazon or on your own Shopify or Woocommerce site?

Answered 6 years ago

There are many luxury watch drop-ship companies in Europe, including some in Switzerland. Here are a some examples:
1)Jura Watches: They are based in Ashbourne, UK. They carry a variety of luxury watch brands, including Swiss watches.
2)Watchmaster: They are retailer based in Berlin, Germany. They specialize in pre-owned luxury watches and offer drop-shipping services to their partners.
3)The Watch Gallery: They are a luxury watch retailer based in London, UK. They offer drop-shipping services for their partners.

Answered a year ago

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