Would a Pinterest posting service for business be a successful side hustle?

I want to start a side hustle. I'm skilled with Pinterest and thought of creating a Pinterest posting service for businesses. I was thinking of starting a side hustle doing Pinterest posting for businesses. Perhaps specialize in Pinterest for e-commerce companies. And once I get more confident with my skills and have more results I can offer higher end Pinterest consulting and services. Is super focusing on a Pinterest-only service a good idea, or is it too limiting? I do not want to offer any Facebook services as I don't feel comfortable getting results with FB, but I know I can with Pinterest.


I don't think being Pinterest-only is too specific. It is an overlooked, yet valuable, social media platform that most don't know how to effectively use for their business.

When you're setting out to be an expert, you need to be prepared to answer what makes you different than the competition. In this space, I know Tailwind has a large following and does a lot to expand their territory. If I am your prospective client, I want to know what makes you better/worse/the same as them.

You need to answer why posting on Pinterest is valuable and worth the time and expense to the brand. How do you measure success? How do you prove ROI?

While you may have these answered in your own mind, or it may be a "Duh" moment, you need to know how to articulate that to your customer. They may know that "Pinterest is where they need to be" yet have no realistic idea on *why*.

As the expert, it is your job to coach them through that process.

Finally, you need to have your ideal client persona dialed in. Not everyone will be your idea client, and your marketing and language should reflect this. The way you market your services should allow viewers to self-qualify AND self-DISqualify themselves. Be sure you know who you can help and who you can't (or don't want to). This will further your positioning as an expert - and experts get paid big money for their knowledge.

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Answered 6 years ago

I don't think it's limiting. It will probably be tricky to get your foot in the door, but if you can offer a real value you stand as good a chance as any.

Answered 6 years ago

With over 1m businesses using Pinterest, I think that's a great idea and don't be afraid to be focused.

In my experience, your prospects will have 3 pain points you can address:

1. Creating and posting great photos in the best size and with the best tags to support findability. (+2bn searches per month at Pinterest)

2. Sustaining this (most businesses struggle to maintain their posting schedule)

3. providing lead generation reports.

And I'd also focus on businesses whose product or service offering is best communicated visually. (e.g. avoid law firms)

Good luck.

happy to advise.


Answered 6 years ago

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