What's the process one can go through to come up with a winning idea? What considerations should the entrepreneur pay heed to (like resources, market) to figure out if it's something that's possible with a high chance of succeeding?

This is literally one of my favorite things to do! The best thing to do is honestly be empathetic and listen to people, observe and just think. The truth is you can really create anything in this world with the proper strategy. Listen, to what people complain about, watch what people have a hard time with, spend time not constraining your thoughts on what is possible or isn't. Lastly, research the hell out of stuff, don't just take the immediate answer for things and don't be constrained by an idea, let it evolve with more knowledge and time. If you can start somewhere you already know, such as if you have worked in the health industry, do it. Your competitive advantage will be your industry knowledge.

I'd love to help you form some idea's, so reach out to me if you are ready to start!

Answered 2 years ago

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