Should I be giving reviews of products if I'm not an expert on the topic?

Are YT videos showing me using the products w/ just a little talking enough? I scored an excellent domain name and associated social media accounts. Lets say the domain name is "LaptopReviews" (thats not the real name). So I have a great name and social accounts, but I dont know enough to give an intelligent review on the topic. I can take a video of me using the product to show some features and give the basics. Is that enough for now until I get better at the topic? I really cant afford to hire a professional on the topic as I dont know where to find one or what they cost.


Don't doubt yourself:)

My suggestion is: start off doing the reviews and getting the word out there. It doesn't have to be perfect. As you gain traction, confidence, and understanding of the market - you can always go back and update the reviews.

You will surprise yourself; the journey of learning the industry is often the motivation to provide good content and value for your readers. Those who fail, often put the monetary aspect in front of it.

Hope it helps and good luck!

Answered 6 years ago

Why did you build a business around what you don't instead of choosing a familiar topic? The fact that you are questioning your choice gives you the answer. Viewers will see through your demos and tune out. Option: sell your domain, et. al. to an expert Or investigate the cost of utilizing a topic pro as online talent before dismissing that option. You could augment the expert's fee with a cut of your profits.

Answered 6 years ago

I think it's important to know enough about the topic to be able to provide a comprehensive review. You don't need to hire a professional but you do need to do your own research. Read books, articles, magazines to help you better understand the topic. You don't have to be an expert but you need to be able to provide value to your audience.

You are better off providing comprehensive high-quality reviews of a few products than lots of poor quality reviews. Take your time with each product review to ensure that it is of a high standard.

You could create several pieces of content for the same product by talking about each of the different features separately. I would also re-purpose the content so in addition to providing a YT video, you can also create an Instagram post and a blog post. People like to consume content in different mediums so you need to cater to that.

I provide coaching for writers if you want to get feedback and advice about how to create content for a blog on this topic.

Answered 6 years ago

Everyone starts somewhere, and if you have working knowledge of a product you shouldn't be afraid to share it. Offering insight into a product, such as a laptop, in a way that the average person can relate can be more useful than an in-depth review. Try a different angle rather than a "review". Frame your title and content around what you know and what you are sharing. If you need any more help, I'm only a call away.

Answered 5 years ago

Well, your reviews affect the target audience and the makers of the product. So, you should review if you think you have a good sense of the product and similar offerings in the market, or if you consider yourself a user of the product. Else, you may be creating biases and 'noise' in the minds of the affected parties.

Answered 5 years ago


Firstly, you don't have to be an expert, unless you are marketing yourself as one. You can just be a user, and provide an honest users review, which is totally fine. However, there is nothing stopping you from watching youtube videos from other reviewers, reading some blogs on the product and preparing a little script of notes and points that you would want to mention. There are a couple of big names out there for reviewing certain tech products - so if people want that kind of full on professional response that's who they are going to go to. So i would not focus on reviewing much of what they are reviewing from a technical perspective. If you are going technical you really need to know your stuff - because tech heads will eat you up (if its tech) - i would suggest making the videos from a user experience angle. Embed the videos on your webpage, and use the SEO and web traffic to push views to your video and build some authority on your channel. Over time it will grow so just keep it authentic.

Answered 5 years ago

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