What should I do with my email list of potential prospects?

I used a tool to get prospect information from LinkedIn. What would be the next step to approach them and offer my services?


First, make sure you know who your product and or service is for(customer persona).

Next, segment the data according to your prospect information.

After, Create exciting AD's to capture their attention (you can do a small ad test and split test the ad to make sure it's useful.)

Have the add lead to more information and then into a buy!

Capture abandon services, then target with a different ad.

Remember, you always want to provide them value in your service, so make it about their needs not what you think they need.(this requires you understanding your customer)

If all this is too much, you can always create a simple AD dependent on what you want to accomplish and push that.

Answered 6 years ago

ALWAYS focus on their needs. Use a lot of "you" centered language.

Depending on your line of business, offering a free gift such as a webinar, an eBook, a complimentary 15-minute consultation (add a limiter such as for five people — this creates urgency and doesn't make you look desperate for business), etc. works wonders.

I have completed in-person training with some of the seven-figure email marketers that provide true value while making money. I would be happy to get on a call with you to pinpoint your needs.


Answered 6 years ago

Great first step! Gathering data from ideal prospects this way can be very very effective to generate high quality leads for your business. In fact this is how we have added substantial growth to our business ( the last few years.

Once you have the scrapped data from Linkedin you will take this CSV and do a few things.

1. Can you enrich the data at all? Based on the info you have from linkedin what other information can you gather or have someone get for you that can add more personlization to your outreach emails.

2. Filter for the best prospects and remove anyone who isn't your ideal prospect.

3. Verify the contacts and emails. I use a tool like or to ensure you have the cleanest list possible to keep your bounce rate near 0.

4. Create a 7 part email series that you can send to the prospects. Why 7? cause based on research this is about the amount of touches you will need to have to convert a prospect. Spread these 7 emails over 1 month as well. Goal is to continually reach out and the emails stop once they response with either a yes or no.

5. Think value when you build out your email sequence. NOT what you do. How can you add value to the need and problem they face.

6. Leverage the first emails to ask questions + add value with resources. This has been our highest converting approach. Most of our cold emails see 60% open rates and 15-20% reply rate.

7. Use a high quailty sending platform like persistiq or I even like mailshake.

Always more than happy to outline more of this process in more detail and cater an approach based on what you guys do and what resources you have available. Contact me anytime.

Answered 6 years ago

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