Does anyone know how to effectively run Facebook Ads to Affiliate and CPA offers? What's the best strategy that you've found personally?

Im looking for tips and possibly a personal coach on running Facebook ads to affiliate offers.


Here are some tricks that work for me:

+ Laser the audience so that they are the best fit for the offer. Using interests, age, location, etc. or you will just flush money down the toilet.

+ Make sure ad images & copy match the landing page style so it feels seamless as visitors click thru

+ Optimize landing page constantly to improve conversions

+ Attention is what you want. Always use creative, attention grabbing images/video

There is tons of other tricks too depending on which niches you are targeting. I'd love to coach you to success. I'm always one call away if you need me.

Answered 6 years ago

I like Justin's answer.

I'll add:

Capture leads on your own lander and warm them up with your own sequence BEFORE sending them to the offer, unless it's a pay per call offer.

Then you can control the process, and see where leads drop off (that's the spot to fix next.)

You paid for the lead...make sure you capture it, and can continue to market to them with more than just pixel following.

You can take those who qualify Out and put them in a different funnel, maybe a related product or service. And those who are interested but can't buy now, you can follow up with to reactivate in a week or a month or whatever the cycle is.

Answered 6 years ago

Try Snapchat ads..But choose the CPA offer which requires just email submit...Create a simple landing page..For example "Are you age over 18? " with YES OR NO buttons..

CPA is super cheap on snapchat ads. Try Maxbounty offers.

Answered 6 years ago

You first need to set up your business page. You can post specific products and informative mailers at regular intervals. Once this is done you can start inviting people to like your page and share it. Then you can start paying Face book to promote your page. The page with your details will be promoted according to the package your buy. It is very inexpensive and efficient way to advertise.

Answered 6 years ago

Let me start off by saying my affiliate marketing and CPA strategy is more based on content marketing than paid traffic and paid advertising. That said I do run eCommerce businesses and do utilize Facebook Ads, Adsense, Pinterest Ads, etc.

Generally speaking affiliate programs don't pay enough to warrant running paid traffic. When it comes to something like Google Adsense most people will tell you don't run ads unless you're making at least $15 per sale. There's a reason for that because ad programs, especially Adsense, are often cost prohibitive for cheaper or lower cost products.

With Affiliate Marketing you have little to no control over the sales process so you're reliant on your affiliate having that streamlined. You also oftentimes can't use tracking pixels to truly know how well your ads are performing as you don't have control over the checkout process.

While it's possible to make money running ads, more often than not it's not worthwhile. If you have a CPA offer in a niche without a lot of ad competition and you can laser focus you're targeting it can work but personally for all the reasons mentioned above I choose not to partake.

Answered 6 years ago

Nobody else has mentioned that Facebook are extremely restrictive of affiliate links. You will likely not be able to run a traffic driving campaign if you plan on directing straight to your affiliate URL. You will need to incorporate an offer or sales page between the two which adds a barrier to entry but also allows for some more advanced remarketing strategy etc.

Answered 6 years ago

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