Best way to manage a QSEHRA (Small Business HRA)?

Hi! We currently only only have owners on payroll and do not qualify for small business group healthcare plans. It seems that the QSEHRA is our best option right now. I was wondering if anyone has experience implementing and managing a QSEHRA? Trying to determine if it is something I can handle between Quickbooks and my payroll vendor or is it worth purchasing specialized software like: or Cheers!


As an expert in small business, small business HRA can be best managed if the reimbursement on healthcare are done and all employees are included into the insurance. It is prudent to handle the insurance and factor it in your payroll to avoid penalties. It is worth purchasing a software if the assignment is bulky but if not, consider doing it in your usual payroll. However, you can still buy the software for improved efficiencies and easier retrieval of information.

Answered 2 years ago

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