Hello! I want to get started creating two or three courses on Udemy. Of course, I want to be successful, therefore i need to position these courses right in their niches. I need someone who can tell me if I can go "broad" with creating a course about "Learning strategies" in general, or if I have better chances if I am more specific, for example "focus strategies for students". In short words: I need an expert for the Udemy Marketplace. Can you help me? Thank you.

I am a successful Udemy course creator and producer. Udemy offers a too that can run a search on any ideas you have and give you some results that are based on the data they have collected regarding different course ideas. This tool is made for the purpose of helping creators make good decisions for courses.

You will have better success if you go specific, especially if there are other courses in that topic already. Something the above mentioned tool will tell you.

I am an expert in the Udemy Marketplace as well as other course work marketplaces and platforms and would be happy to consult you. I am sure I can help. I invite you to book some time.

Robert Lunte

Answered a year ago

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