My passion is to be public speaker and coach or consultant on time management and productivity. Does this have a good market? My target market is entrepreneurs and business owners.

I believe it is not required because any public speaking is made up of 3 elements, namely
1. Ethos (credibility or the speaker)
2. Logos (logic behind any conclusions drawn by a speaker)
3. Pathos (emotional appeal or ability to create connection between the speaker and his audience)
First, to be asked to share their thoughts, observations, and ideas publically a speaker should possess a certain level of authority and knowledge about the chosen topic (ethos).
To make sure that the message is received and understood correctly by the audience, it must be conveyed in a clear, informative, and logical manner (logos).
And to capture and hold the audience’s attention the speaker must first establish an emotional connection with the listeners (pathos).
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Answered 6 months ago

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