Everyone knows idea worth a dime but having how many are too many? Also, should we serve multiple ideas at the same time? What are the things you would watch going down this path? tactics to stay laser-focused, product and efficient with 30% shared resources among ventures, but having independent developers, UX/UI per startup. I am executing three ideas at the same time!!!

Short answer: lean methodology. If done correctly, you can do a market validation test/MVP in a matter of days/weeks for each of the 3 ideas and at a minimal cost. Based on the results, you should decide which idea to invest all of your time on.
Here's a link to a past answer I gave explaining how to do market validation:

If it's too hard for you to let go of the other two ideas, and can't delay them, recruit a founder who will be the CEO (not easy relinquishing control, but better to have a part of something than a part of nothing). But only bring in another founder if you're the type of person who can 'let go' - if not, you're just going to be sucked in and eventually find yourself working on all 3 ideas.
[I'm curious to hear what the ideas are. ]
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Answered 9 months ago

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