Seeking law school admissions guru for insight on career move

I have a friend who wants to apply to law school in about a year. She is currently working in a dual role (case manager and operations) in the ethics office of a major global corporation; there is an opportunity to move into a purely operations role in the legal department. It would be a promotion, but she is concerned that moving might negatively impact her law school application. She wants to know if this is the case, and if a law school might prefer to see her: a) continue to work directly with cases, and/or b) show more longevity in a role. She would like to have a call with someone to discuss it. Please post your initial thoughts and background, and she will book a call with the expert who seems the best fit.


This question happens to many people including me. I have made a wise decision before amidst a confused situation. Similarly, my wife also had experienced this kind of situation, again this is not unusual but rather commonly happens to us all. In my book "Wise Decisions", I have clarified my thoughts on what to pursue despite its negative feedback or positive one. Yes, its risky for you but the thing is what your fear is not yet happening. What if after you made a decision to accept the higher position and in turn the law school feedback is positive. I am just wondering why this would have a negative impact on you (I am not a lawyer though). But as a life coach and personal experience, taking a risk only happens to a few people. I am not saying that you should consider promotion or the other thing. Its confusing, and I have been there. At this point, you should clarify your goals. Whether it contributes to your whole plan or else disregard it. My closing tip is to ask yourself again and again, "Is this what I really wanted?" Will this help me achieve my goal?"
Should you have further questions, I am just a call away.

Answered 4 years ago

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Answered a year ago

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