Hi, Our startup company is in a very stable place, there are 70 paying customers for two years in a very crowded field. Our clients see amazing results and we have quite a few advantages over competitors. Now we are at the point that we want to invest in marketing and think if anyone managed to figure out the best marketing channel for them without wasting a lot of money on testings, we think Google or Facebook. What do you think? We can’t start with both.

Congratulations on getting your start-up to the next level. I can relate to how difficult it is to get to that position.

As others have stated, Facebook* should be treated differently than Google. Google helps connect you to people actively looking for your product or service, while Facebook enables you to expose your product or service to people unaware of it.

Although a Google presence (organic or paid) is essential, starting with Facebook can provide useful data (keywords) that can be applied towards your Google presence later. Facebook will also help determine the interest in your product in the market. Facebook is relatively inexpensive to begin with and easier to use than Google.

I also recommend starting small with your advertising on Facebook. Experiment often and always be testing to improve. Once you find a formula that works for your business, you can begin investing more money into a proven campaign. You can run effective test campaigns as low as $50 for a few days.

I hope that helped and congratulations again on growing your start-up. If you would like more guidance or tips that apply to your unique situation, I would be happy to help. In the meantime, enjoy your growth and stay healthy!

*Although Facebook is the largest social channel, it's not for everyone. Your audience should ultimately dictate which channel to use.

Answered 5 months ago

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