[eCommerce] What are the most important parts of a product page to get the highest conversion rate possible?

Curious to hear what other experts prefer to use and other tips to get the highest conversion rate from your product page when selling physical products online. *Note: We are driving most of our traffic to this page from Facebook ad


There is a lots of important aspects of a product page here's a few to start:

- Page should match your facebook ad style
- Add to cart button should be professional looking
- Proper description
- Reviews & other social references
- Live chat button
- Exit pop

I'm a conversion optimization expert I'd love to help here. I'm always one call away.

Answered 4 years ago

Every visual is matter.

If any physical products showing online - text data is default

Visual type-
- Image
- Video
- whitepaper
- Info-graphics

Online page is objective to pass information, you just need share multiple option for engagement.

I will sure you user will fill the form on above shared one of visual type.

Answered 4 years ago

Forget about traditional sales, I think my NBS methodology can help you.According to the source of your text, I see that you are repeating mistakes in business and you cannot move to a higher level of sales. The main reason why this happens to you is you are use old way of thinking and managing sales.

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Answered 4 years ago

The product page is the lifeblood of an ecommerce. Please check out Baymard studies to understand the gaps in your product: have a strategic roadmap to fix these.

If you have a team (internal or outsources), do not rush for the quick fixes on the page. Tighten your architecture for taxonomy and metadata so that the architecture stays adaptive and scaleable. I have worked with ecommerce on the right positioning within the right product UX for their CRO. DM me for more details.

Answered 4 years ago

Highest conversion for e-commerce:
1 super look home page.
2 super look product image.
3 HD quality product video.
4 best product quality &rate.
5 all social media on account for adding.
6 all media and newspaper in aid.Etc

Answered 4 years ago

Here are some tips on creating a highly converting product page:

E-commerce website product pages have a smooth UI so that customers can very easily interact and get familiar with the website.

The product web page doesn't take lots of time to load as it irritates the customer.

The photo of the product is good and clean, don't get blurred when it is zoomed in.

A size chart is also an essential element on a product web page helping customers to get the fine product for him/her.

Last however not the least the outline about the product must be rich, precise, meaningful and it's appropriate if it's far written in easy language, otherwise, customers who came for shopping just google about the words and get irritated.

For any further help, please schedule a call.

Answered 4 years ago

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