I am a young entrepreneur thinking of developing an e-wallet like PayPal or wepay in China, but in a different philosophy... I want it to be an e-wallet, as well as a bridge for payments, where stores only need to integrate our e-wallet payment system to be able to accept all kinds of credit cards and cash services which we integrate into the system. I would hire expert developers when it comes to programming, but I would appreciate any insight or advise when approaching ecommerce business.

Have a strong SEO game. Focus on content marketing, that is the key to success in today's digital era.

You want people to FIND you, not the other way around. Don't focus on intrusive or interruption based marketing. You want to be "the organic guy."

Make sure your website has a blog and produce 3 high quality pieces of content every single week. Talk about topics like issues with the big payment processors, and why people should use your service.

Primarily, though, you want to be answering consumer questions related to payment gateways. What are questions business owners are typing into Google about payment gateways...? This is the key to developing a strong content strategy.

I guarantee you that if you approach marketing your solution in this way and produce 3 high quality pieces of content weekly on your website over a long period of time that you will have more customers than you know what to do with. Heck, people will be begging YOU to please take them on as clients!

This is the power of proper content marketing and building trust online.

Answered 4 months ago

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