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Since everyone else here has just given you general answers I am going to one up them and tell you exactly what to do.

1. Find a mentor - Find someone that has obtained the success you want. Therefore you know they will be worth modelling and spending time replicating.

2. Reverse engineer it - Figure out exactly what hey do. Try to do it better than them. Be in it for the long run and you will get the same result they had if not better. Remember consistency is key!

(I've been doing affiliate marketing now 3 months. The first month I made $0. Second month I made $300. Just finished May doing $1,200 and on track for $2,400 - $2,600 for June.)

3. Have a long term vision or plan - Have a long term vision of what you want to accomplish. Know the path you want to take in as much detail as possible.

4. Set realistic goals & milestones - Set realistic goals that you know you can achieve. For me, my goal in May was $600. I did $1,200 with affiliate marketing. Sometimes you will surpass your goals like crazy. But not every month you will hit them either. Again, keep in mind my first month I did $0.

It's an uphill battle in the beginning but it is 100% worth it! Constantly remind yourself the rewards are the light at the end of the tunnel.

99% of people aren't willing to fight the uphill battle...but guess what? Once they get to the top of the hill it's smooth sailing downhill from there!

I'd create a website about yourself. List the previous free speaking engagements you have done, maybe in a portfolio style.

Create a blog and begin content marketing. Answer questions companies are researching on Google about hiring a speaker. Rank for those keywords and the organic traffic will come in and people will find out about you on autopilot. That is the beauty of proper SEO done right.

You could also have each previous speaking engagement be its own blog post and rank for the topics you were speaking about. That is the strategy I would go with.

Have calls to action on your website to get them to schedule a consultation over the phone with you for a paid speaking gig.

If you do this right you will have an automatic system in place that pulls prospects in and closes them as they read your blog posts and see that you know what you are talking about.

Have a strong SEO game. Focus on content marketing, that is the key to success in today's digital era.

You want people to FIND you, not the other way around. Don't focus on intrusive or interruption based marketing. You want to be "the organic guy."

Make sure your website has a blog and produce 3 high quality pieces of content every single week. Talk about topics like issues with the big payment processors, and why people should use your service.

Primarily, though, you want to be answering consumer questions related to payment gateways. What are questions business owners are typing into Google about payment gateways...? This is the key to developing a strong content strategy.

I guarantee you that if you approach marketing your solution in this way and produce 3 high quality pieces of content weekly on your website over a long period of time that you will have more customers than you know what to do with. Heck, people will be begging YOU to please take them on as clients!

This is the power of proper content marketing and building trust online.

Simply focus on content and you will never have an issue with having to worry about penalties from Google again.

The secret is...well there is no secret. Stop focusing on link building and all this artificial crap. Google KNOWS it is artificial, which is why you are on here asking this question instead of making money.

Product 3 high quality pieces of content weekly for your money sites answering REAL questions consumers have that are searching Google. Questions related to your niche. That is the key.

The best affiliates in the world get backlinks built for them without trying. In other words, they don't focus on it.

Just focus on content production and do your on-page SEO with Yoast. Do 3 pieces of content a week for 6 months and you will see what I'm talking about in your Google Analytics (and in your bank account!)

I'm going to be honest and it may not be an answer you like but it is the truth: it's going to require real work.

Websites that are most likely going to be posted here as answers by other users like Swagbucks will not make you easy money, haha.

You need to approach making money online seriously and start a business. I am currently making decent money through affiliate marketing so I can confidently answer this question.

The real ways to make money online are going to take real work to get there and it WILL be an uphill battle...most people can't get themselves to do the work without seeing any result in the beginning which is why 99% drop off and fail to make a dime...

I've been doing affiliate marketing full time for 3 months now. The first month I made...get this: $0. I was uploading and editing a video every single day to YouTube. Last month I made $300. This month I am closing the month at $1,000, and expect to hit $1,600 - $2,000 for June, then over $3,000 for July.

It takes real work and sacrifice but anyone can get there. Model the successful people and follow a system that works.

And no matter what you do - do NOT invest in courses and "shiny objects" because you are only making other people money by doing so!

Sometimes you just have to be real. I know this wasn't the answer you were looking for but there isn't a "push a button and get rich" system that works ANYWHERE. It just isn't real.

The nice thing is that once you get over that hill, you can outsource/automate most of your business very cheaply and it then only takes up a small fraction of your time. But in the beginning you are going to be working like a dog.

You are on the right track. It's not what theme, what plugin. That is the key.

You can use a free plugin like BuddyPress to give WordPress social media/profile-esque functionality. I would look into getting that plugin modified to do what you want. You may be able to get it close to what you want with enough tinkering without having to dish out some money for a developer.

You could most likely integrate a payment gateway with BuddyPress to achieve something functional.

There are tons of ways. Assuming that you are asking how to earn money from home, I can only assume you want to make money online using the internet.

One of the easiest ways is to start offering services on Fiverr. You can create a gig for free and begin providing services and getting paid for them. If there is anything you are skilled at you can attempt to sell it on Fiverr.

Affiliate marketing is also an option although it takes real work to make money along with being in it for the long run. I can answer this confidently because I am an affiliate.

You may have to learn a new skill if you don't currently possess any skills that you can monetize. Luckily thanks to the internet, websites like YouTube are goldmines of information. I myself have a playlist on my YouTube channel on how to start a website design agency:

Honest short answer to this question is this: Pick something you know you can stick with, take this seriously (because making REAL money online will require starting a REAL business of some kind), and go with it for the win.

Don't worry about link building. The secret is in the content. For a brand new website you will want to begin content marketing right away.

People don't realize that each piece of content you publish on your blog has its own chance of ranking in Google. (This is key!)

In other words, if you publish 3 pieces of solid content every single week that is 12 pieces of content a month.

12 x 12 = 144 posts per month. Basic math, right?

Now let's assume that each piece of content gets 5 visitors every month (you can track this with Google Analytics.)

5 visitors may not seem like a lot, but all of a sudden you now have 720 new visitors every single month (8,640 visitors per year) because of your 144 pieces of content.

Plus in reality it will actually be more because the more content you produce, the more Google sees you as an authority.

That is the power of content marketing (and nobody appreciates it!)

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