Where can I find a web designer who is still willing to create a website with HTML, CSS, and Javascript rather than insisting on Wordpress?

I find that most designers are insisting on using Wordpress and I have a number of concerns. My site needs to be re-designed ASAP. In fact I have 2 sites but I will start with one. I would love to find a creative designer with a Jamaican or tropical aesthetic who is able to create a luxury feel. I am also looking for a designer who will not insist that I hosted on their platform. I am based in Toronto.


Many web developers still create a website with HTML, CSS, and Javascript for you, but it totally depends on how much customization you need. If you are working on a website with very few pages and your website doesn't need to get updated regularly, creating a website with HTML, CSS can be a good choice, but if your website needs regular updates like daily or weekly, you should choose a CMS like WordPress.

I'd say 80% of the time WordPress web sites are better for individuals and companies, but again it sincerely does come all the way down to your needs. Wordpress powers 27% of the websites on the internet. It’s extremely user friendly and convenient for just about anyone — even those that lack the technical experience. Google also loves Wordpress websites.

If I were to in my opinion choose among custom development in HTML/CSS/JS or the use of WordPress — I might really take WordPress (at the same time as a developer). The CMS is strong, right SEO structure is simple to set up, you have got a huge amount of numerous topics and plugins to choose from in order to simplify your existence, and in addition, decorate the power and usability of your internet site. Wordpress takes a whole lot of the work out of the equation and offers a smooth answer for just about every person. It’s a simple preference virtually — go along with WordPress and customize it to your desires.
It’s a simple preference virtually — go along with WordPress and customize it to your desires.

For any further questions, please schedule a call.

Answered 4 years ago

There are web designers and web developers. Usually web designers focus on the front end of the website. For designers it is easier to create website in an existing content management site like Wordpress, Joomla rather than creating it from scratch. This saves a lot of time, and cost.

Typically web developers and programmers focus on the backend of the website.

If your website is primarily an informational website, it would be easier to go with a CMS. If you don't like Wordpress, there are many other great solutions out there.

If you really want a custom solution, you might want to search for a web development agency that has both front end designers and backend developers on staff.

Answered 4 years ago

The way I usually explain it is that there are a ton of great, off-the-shelf solutions like Squarespace, Weebly, and even WordPress with a Template that allow a small business owner to get a nice looking functional site up quickly and cheaply.

But at some point, you can't look exactly like 100 other companies that used the same template. Or maybe you have some edge cases that the pre-built stuff just won't do.

That's when you need something custom. I much prefer to design and code everything from scratch for my clients so they get exactly what they need.

Now, you'll most likely still need some sort of content management system so you can update and publish pages yourself, but I, too have many concerns with WP and use Craft CMS instead because of it's flexibility.

As far as hosting, there are a few things going on. A good web developer will know what hosts are fast, solid, secure, and easy to use. The reason we often push platforms we are familiar with is because it's easy to rack up huge bills dealing with sub-par hosting and we are trying to save you money.

Or the opposite is going on, and that developer has a white label relationship with the hosting company and wants that recurring revenue from you, regardless of whether that host is the best choice for you.

I prefer to tell clients who to host with to save them development costs, but let them pay themselves so they have full control over everything should we ever decide to part ways.

Happy to chat if you have any more questions.

Answered 4 years ago

Almost anywhere.

Fiverr. Guru. Any microwork site.

And... If your site is a money site (paying your bills), stick with WordPress.

Custom code is far more expensive to design + maintain + always far more hackable.

Also WordPress sites run much faster than custom code sites, because with WordPress caching is already thought out + implemented well.

With WordPress, sites can easily be built to maintain a 1,000,000+ requests/second on cheap hardware.

Attaining this performance level is possible + generally costs a large amount of budget to implement + keep working.

You'll use WordPress if cost + performance are a consideration.

You'll use custom code if you're independently wealthy, with unlimited time/budget... also patience... as custom code will leave you balled up in a fetal position, sobbing yourself to sleep many nights.

Answered 4 years ago

Talk to Bruno at Exactly what you are looking for.

Answered 4 years ago

When you are prepared to pay the cost of bespoke development, the where to find will become apparent. If the site is interactive in ANY way (contact form/register/sales), then it should also undergo relevant security testing.

Bespoke + functionality = £££££££

Answered 4 years ago

You can certainly find HTML, CSS and Javascript experience however a developer with those skills will cost more than a Wordpress developer. Experience, especially broad software development experience, comes at a price. Pick a local developer who you can meet in person and be sure to check both references and past work. Simple searches should reveal candidates.

Answered 4 years ago

Hi, I can help you out with the complete website redesign and would also help you in marketing it with the help of social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, brochures and PPTs. Please reach me out at Thanks!


Answered 4 years ago

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