Hi all, My name is Ben Walker and I’m planning to run a software company. I was planning to build my team quickly by putting minimal efforts from my end. But I found that there is a shortage of talent or lack of particular technical skills which are required for software development in my area. After doing a detailed research, I found that hiring a software development outsourcing team( can help me with saving cost. What is the process of hiring a dedicated IT development team? Does anyone know about a robust team of highly professional dedicated developers that you have hired? Please let me know.

Hello Ben,

1. You must know your goals to achieve from the team and its time frame, if you don’t know that, talk to someone more experienced person who can layout that for you (they must have a successful background along with experience)

2. Once step 1 is done, see within your connections where individuals and companies already hired a team and got successful results (ideally they are not making profits out of it), get connected with such teams and see what they are offering (again use the same experienced persons to share this and take advice from him)

3. If you don’t know anyone in your connections, move to LinkedIn, clutch, good firms, Upwork where you will find such persons along with their past feedback (again use the same experienced persons and share your journey with them)

4. Once you identify 1 or more developers or teams from step 2 and 3, plan out the interview process based on your requirements and resource needs (use the same experienced persons)

5. Make a small engagement plan and see results with selected devs or team, keep other options as backup plans.

6. If step 5 is doing good, continue with that with a gradual increase in using services (keep sharing your journey with experienced persons)

7. Make quite beneficial evaluation plans and keep reviewing their work.

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Answered 7 months ago

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