I'm conflicted between brand (Nike style ads) and direct marketing (FB ad talking about how awesome your product is and telling people to buy it now). Direct marketing has made us the most money so far, but there must be a reason why big companies are doing brand marketing. What percentage of your marketing strategy should be brand vs direct marketing?

If you’re a startup, your marketing strategy is going to be oriented by your product strategy. And your product strategy is going to be informed by your customers.
Both brand and direct sales marketing strategies are important eventually because they address different parts of the consumer purchase funnel: brand marketing focuses on the discovery phase of the consumer, while direct sales marketing focuses on consumers who are in the mindset of making a purchase.
Practically though, you’ll start with growth marketing tactics that require least customer acquisition costs. This means your strategy mix will depend on where you find your early adopter or customer segments ultimately.

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Answered 10 months ago

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