Hi, I was trying to get in touch with best possible corporate law firms - the local ones in the same country as where target public company is. The goal was to ask a law firm to introduce me and our own company to the target company. Based on very well established local brand name of law firm, I was expecting high possibility of instant "listen and agree" effect on the board of directors side of public company so their member or someone else would get in touch with me to request the major value we can add to them. But law firms are declining that idea so I would like to try with public companies' largest customers. How could I find those customers (the names)? I attempted google research on "<name of company> largest customers" but did not find the names.

I have an idea that you might consider. While there are different ways to make introductions, and i'm sure you have already tried LinkedIN and other lead generation programs that can help you by targeting companies? But if you are targeting law firms, often law firms need to bring in presenters for continuing education. If you have something to offer that could be considered for education, you might use this as a way to make a connection with the law firms - once they know you, they may be more open to partnering with you in order to introduce you.

Answered 2 months ago

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