What’s a realllyyyy passive way to make passive income?

Just trynna get dat bread


Few ways I have done it which is really passive (means not even managing anything)
- Hard Money Loans and Equity deals of Real Estate
- Other kind if diverse loan types again where someone else is managing the serving collection and legal work
- Getting land (since it doesn't require much management) and selling for profit or renting for agriculture
- Of course Investing in dividend stocks is the most common and most preferred day
- Investing in stocks along with conservative option writing strategies.
- CDs and bank interest - but currently its very low but just few years ago you could get 3% for 5 years
- investing in precious metals - it doesn't generate any income but can be sold for capital gains - look at a gold chart of 20 years!

Of course I might be missing multiple other ways that are possible.

Answered 7 days ago

Ebooks selling is also one passive income and there plenty of places to sell them like Amazon.

Answered 7 days ago

Assuming that the risk is managed and your own involvement is limited to only the spare time you can't productively employ otherwise, there are a lot of passive income avenues. But don't forget, to earn passive income, you'll have to invest either time/effort or money in consideration. Or else, they have unavoidable downsides. Here are a few examples.

1-Property Rental (Financial investment needed)
2-Youtube channel monetization (Deep expertise and fanbase needed)
3- Vacation getaway management(Financial investment and self involvement required). It's a full time job but doesn't feel that way.
4- Royalty (Write a book or sell a self developed mobile application)
5- Share dividends (this is as close to a 100% passive income as it gets. RISKY)
6- Bank deposit interest (NOT lucrative)

Answered 6 days ago

Some of the best truly passive income ideas that I have personally experimented with, include: Stock Photography, Self-Publishing with Amazon KDP, Selling a Digital Product on Gumroad or Etsy, or incorporating Affiliate Links into blog posts.

I've written a more detailed post, here:

Answered 3 days ago

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